Never Lose a Contact

Statistics say about 78% of people lose or throw away a business card without saving it. Never lose your business card since you will always have a digital copy on Dash Lynk App.

Smart Contact Management

Keep your network list up to date with Dash Lynk App. Your connections will be automatically updated when you change your profile details.

Share Social Profiles

In the age of social media, sharing your basic details doesn’t cut it. Dash Lynk lets you share your social profiles, website links and much more so people can directly see your work and profile with just one link.

Dash Lynk

Download Dash Lynk and start enjoying these features

Build your Business Card

Dash Lynk lets you customize your business card as per your needs, update your logo and colour scheme the way you want

Detailed Profile Page

Dedicated user page for your business card, provide all the details at once and make the most of it

Security by Default

We care about your data. That's why it will be safely stored with us and no one will be able to access it

Instant Sharing

Take your Dash Lynk profile wherever your audience is, to help them to discover all your important content

QR Sharing

Bring your offline audience online with QR codes

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Save money by not printing multiple business cards again and again, this helps you and the environment by reducing your carbon footprint

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How to use the Dash Lynk App

  • Step 1: Download the application (iOS or Android)
  • Step 2: Build your own card
  • Step 3: Start sharing your card

Additional Information

Keep reading to master Dash Lynk features

1. Download the App

Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

2. Build your own card

Create your own digital business card in the App for free

3. Start sharing your card

Once you have set up your card, start sharing and connecting with anyone, anywhere and anytime

4. Connect with people

Show your network your Dash Lynk card and start building your community

Coming soon.
Coming soon.

Share your QR code

With Dash Lynk you can share your contact details by simple letting the user scan your personalised QR code from your mobile. Additionally, you can print your personalised QR code to share your contact at conferences or workshops.

Share with your contacts

We know how important your existing contacts are, that's why you can share your card with non-Dash Lynk users, and invite them to join our network.

Personalise your card to match your brand

You can personalise your business card so it matches your brand. Pick your preferred colours, upload your brand icon and more with Dash Lynk App.

Download Now

Don't hesitate and download now Dash Lynk App!